Take me away!


There’s SO MUCH I’m supposed to be doing right now but I really really can’t bring myself to do anything. I just managed to put my feet up for half an hour (R is napping and, incredibly, M is playing quietly on her own).

Instead of doing the writing and filing that are waiting to be done, I decide to visit Pinterest. Because that’s what one does when deadlines are looming, right? Anyway, I ended up on Mrs French’s boards and my jaw dropped. I dare you to have a look at some of them and not start raring to go…anywhere! That’s exactly what’s happening to me right now. I can hardly sit still long enough to write this!

Yesterday and today were the first two days this heat finally broke me. I’m so tired of being tired all the time, of sweating bucketfuls all the time (I apologise for the visual there), of changing clothes and showering all the time…I’m so ready for summer to be over! I am not in a hurry for the scholastic year to kick off again, but the weather is killing me slowly and painfully.

Whenever I reach this point, which happens every summer, I start fantasising about faraway countries where the temperature never goes above 25 degrees (Celsius, obviously. I’m not that fond of cold weather either!). The husband and I start discussing the possibility of uprooting our family and moving somewhere North. We share pictures of cabins on frozen lakes, of forests heavy with freshly fallen snow, of rosy-cheeked children building snowpeople. I don’t know if the move further North will ever materialise but one can always dream. And speaking of dreams, these pictures come right out of mine:

This picture brings tears of longing to my eyes.

All images via Mrs French on Pinterest




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  1. I am so over the heat and am so tired of sweating buckets also! I’m sick of always having to fan myself and carrying around a cloth to wipe my face and neck hehe. The multiple showers, changes of clothes and no energy to do anything. I’ve actually been sleeping outside for the past two weeks because its too hot upstairs in my house. I long for the days of wearing jeans, boots and long cozy sweaters! Though I may be changing my tune eventually when I’m in the UK haha. Great photos by the way!

  2. LOVED the handsome section… hot damn!! 😛

  3. Beautiful images!
    I have to say that I miss to sweat a little in summer. I agree that too much heat is annoying but I miss that so much here in San Francisco where all we have in summer is fog.

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