This weekend

It was a good one. We didn’t go anywhere special or do anything particular, but things are beginning to look a little better. Let’s hope yesterday was the first day of a good few weeks (there are plenty of not so good ones to make up for).

Robin and I managed to go to church and she was GOLD. She spent most of Mass in her sling, observing the people around her with wide eyes.
We spent the whole of yesterday with the man of the house, so silliness was in order.
We were reunited with big sister, who couldn’t stop squeezing little sister to the shouts of “You’re so CUTE!”.
We had the first summer storm!
Look at that! We were doing happy dances all evening last night!


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  1. I was doing happy dances too for the storm, until I woke at 4.30 this morning to find that almost the whole of my house on the ground level had flooded! I think many people had the same happen though. Just wished I could have enjoyed the storm without the flooding lol

  2. Yea that you all have turned a corner. My parents just landed in Malta and I think they brought a hurricane with them. I hope you all are safe from the rising waters.

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