An explanation and an annoucement


Good morning! I feel I should explain what’s going on that’s keeping me away from this space. Robin is still running a fever. It comes and goes and even though it’s not going as high as it was last week, she is still unwell at certain times of the day and night. She’s being seen to by two doctors who both seem to be unconcerned and are pretty sure the increased dose in antibiotics will solve the problem within the end of this week. We’re waiting and keeping our fingers crossed. Most of the time she’s in good spirits, trying to keep up with her hyperactive sister and this makes me happy. However, I’ve been a stressball these past two weeks. In my books, two weeks of fever are not a good sign. I’m trying to keep calm and trust the doctors.

Then there’s Maia. She will need a small operation to insert grommets in her ears. It turns out she’s got glue ear and has suffered a substantial hearing loss in both ears. The good news is that this is completely reversible and the operation is a half-day procedure. The only thing that scares me is the total anaesthetic she’ll have to have, simply because she’s had it before and my memories of the experience are amongst the worst I have since becoming a mother. Anyway, I’m hoping her general health will improve as a result of this procedure.


In other, much more positive news, Island Fairy has started a collaboration with Bonlook (you might have noticed their button in the column on the right). I’m so excited about this! Bonlook is hands down my favourite brand for specs and sunglasses and I just ordered two new pairs of specs from them. I can’t wait to ditch this old pair and show you the new ones! The great thing about Bonlook is that they get new styles all the time and you can order them online, wherever you are in the world! This sealed the deal for me…and anyone who lives on these islands will understand why.

So, to celebrate the new partnership with Bonlook, they are very kindly offering all Island Fairy readers (anywhere on the globe) a $10 discount when they sign up for their newsletter . This offer will be valid till the end of Autumn. If you need new glasses, now is the time to get them, all from the comfort of your own sofa! All you need is a prescription if you need them to actually see better with. You can also buy a pair without prescription lenses to use as an accessory, like a couple of people I know do.

Ok, I’ll stop here before I get carried away. Have a great day, friends and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and kind words during this less than perfect time. I feel loved.

Did I mention that Bonlook is also the brand of choice of the most stylish celebrities (and bloggers) out there? Yup.



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  1. I’ve had the same surgery done in my left ear two years ago. Dont worry, she’ll be ok. It may be a bit scary for her and more so for you, but it will pass… As for the fever…. I have always believed in growing pains. My eldest son, who today is 31, went through hell. Fever and pain throughout his body. I can’t begin to tell you the doctors we went to, and back then, it was much more expensive to see specialists… It turned out there was nothing wrong, he was just growing…
    Do keep and eye on her and God willing, she’ll be ok…

    Be strong…

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