The Body Shop

Ever since Maia was born, I’ve become increasingly more aware of (and paranoid about) the toxins and nasties hidden in everyday products, objects and food. That is not to say that I’ve shunned all chemicals and grow my own vegetables on the terrace. I don’t but I wish I did.

While choice on this island might be limited when it comes to organic food, I feel luckier with regards to cosmetics. Even though this island is tiny, we get to have our own Body Shop, who have asked me to review a few of their latest products. Apart from being pioneers when it comes to fair trade, they use organic ingredients from around the world, which places them towards to top of my list of favourite shops. Plus, their products are affordable, which has also become a priority for me since leaving full-time employment with the corresponding salary.

The products I buy the most from them are shower gels, scrubs and body lotions but I also love their lip balms and end up buying a new one every couple of months because someone (I won’t mention names but she’s seven years old and has perfect eyebrows) keeps stealing them from my handbags. Speaking of which, my new favourite is their new Born Lippy lip balm stick in Pomegranate. It gives enough colour to brighten up my pale face without being too obvious. Like all their products, it smells so good that I feel like snacking on it…one of the reasons I keep all their products out of reach of both girls. It also leaves my lips soft, something I’ll be counting on in the winter months. The next one I’ll be buying is the Toffee…sounds like my kind of lip balm!

I also love the new packaging…very pop art.

What about you? Do you have a Body Shop where you live? Which are your favourite products?

This post is sponsored but all words and opinions are my own.



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  1. I do love Body Shop. I find it very hard to walk in without buying anything. I love the cherry blossom fragrance and this other one which I cannot remember right now. They had a sale on in Valletta last week I should really go and check it out hehe

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