Instagram inspiration – Kristin Rogers

I first heard about homeschooling from a French friend who lives on this island with her family. A few years ago she decided that it would be the best option for her daughter, whom she homeschooled for a couple of years before she joined a public school again. Before then, I had never known anyone who had been homeschooled, especially not on these islands. I’ve been fascinated with the whole idea ever since and that might explain why I’m drawn to blogging mums who homeschool their children.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Maia would thrive in an environment where learning through practice is encouraged, which seems to be at the base of many homeschooling programmes. However, I also have to admit that, being the social butterfly that she is, mixing with other children her age for a good chunk of everyday is equally as beneficial to her.

One of Kristin’s daughters playing dress-up. They have THE BEST dress-up clothes! [photo by Kristin Rogers]

One particular mum I follow on Instagram homeschools her two daughters. Apart from being an excellent photographer, she also has a knack for transporting me to another world with each photo she posts. There are tents made out of old sheets under which her children read their books, dress-up sessions featuring bonnets and knights, chickens running through the house while her daughters paint at the kitchen table…you get the picture, don’t you? And I’m not even mentioning her faith, the fact that they spend a lot of time outdoors, the way she strives to raise her children in a godly manner without being apologetic about it. Simply put, I wish I was her daughter too!

So do yourself a favour and look her up on Instagram [@kristinrogers] and read more about her adventures in homeschooling her daughters on her blog. You can thank me later.

[photo by Kristin Rogers]

ps – If you cannot use Instagram because your phone does not support the application, you can always view the photos on

pps – The photos above were reproduced with permission from Kristin Rogers. Please do not reproduce without permission.


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