Moving Robin


These past few weeks have really changed Robin. She is well and truly over babyhood and I’ll tell you why.

  • She got her first two molars;
  • She started running;
  • She is learning how to use a fork and I can trust her with a plate of food on her highchair tray half of the time;
  • She is DESPERATE to drink from a normal cup (but cannot yet control it enough not to almost choke herself with every sip);
  • She has refused her morning nap five days in a row now, finally collapsing at noon every time. I’m going to miss the morning nap (it was then that I cooked lunch and did some housework) but it might prove to be easier this way once Maia starts school again;
  • She has started showing signs of jealousy. Well, jealousy might be a strong word. Let’s just say that I can’t hug Maia without having Robin run up to me with outstretched arms shouting “Ma! Ma! Ma!”. It’s too sweet for words!
  • She still doesn’t talk and this is a big issue for me. Maia was completely different, starting to say some words at 8-9 months. Fine, Maia was a bit too fast to talk, but I can’t help worrying about Robin. She calls both the husband and me mama, calls Maia maama and can say nanna. She also calls her dummy ga. Apart from that, she communicates (very effectively) with signs and gestures. She understands everything we tell her and answers questions too (e.g. earlier I asked her where her new bed was and she took me to Maia’s room and showed me her bed***) so I know she can hear well and understand, but I still wonder whether she’s a little too slow verbally. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

***Yesterday we moved her bed to Maia’s room. I should probably start calling it their room. I choked up a little while we were carrying her bed to the other room…I’m going to miss waking up at night and seeing her next to me. BUT I love love love the fact that our room is ours again! Now I have a corner where to read and write, there’s a lot more space and the girls spent all yesterday playing in their room.

I want both girls to get used to the new arrangement before Maia starts school again in a couple of weeks and so far it’s looking promising. She had her first nap there yesterday afternoon and I had to resort to the Ferber method again but, thankfully, she only cried for two minutes and I didn’t need to go in to comfort her. I did spend the whole of last night to-ing and fro-ing from our room to theirs and Maia ended up swapping places with me because Robin kept waking her up (I swear she usually sleeps a solid 11 hours without waking once). I’m hoping things will get better within a few nights.

Apart from the broken night, everyone seems to be happier with the new arrangement. Fingers crossed it remains this way!

The new reading nook. I love it!


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  1. It seems that many kids who take long to start speaking usually start speaking sentences rather than just words when they finally decide to start speaking. Also they tend to be very chatty.

    Does she wear her dummy often during the day? Dummies discourage speaking I guess.

    • She started using the dummy a lot lately (since she got sick) but we’re trying to limit it to naps and nighttime, although when she’s very tired and cranky I sometimes give in and buy myself time with it. They says that it does delay speech but Maia always had hers on and it didn’t affect her. Also, i might invest in ear plugs if she’s even half as chatty as her sister!

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