This weekend


This weekend was all about today. In a couple of hours, Maia goes back to school and my stomach is in knots. I don’t know why I’m so nervous. This is, after all, her fifth year in school (that sounds like a lot for a seven year old!). I have this overwhelming feeling of wanting to hold her hand throughout the day and being there with her to make sure she’s ok, that everyone is nice to her (and she’s nice to everyone) and that she likes her new teacher and her new desk. I thought I’d be relieved to see her go back to school so I could have a few hours everyday with just one child to take care of but I was mistaken. I love having her at home and really enjoy her company, even though she drives me bananas with her boundless energy and non-stop questions.

As I was saying, this weekend we made it a point to have some extra fun and get excited about her return to school and the beginning of a new scholastic year. So we threw a back to school party on Saturday. It was just Maia, her best friend and her cousin Miki but this place felt like it was swarming with running, screaming children! They had a great time and I think the party fulfilled its purpose. It was also a great way to say goodbye to summer and the holidays.

Yesterday was calmer, with more playing with cousins and preparing the uniform and schoolbags for today.

They were so excited that they barely touched their food! There was, of course, Robin to take care of the leftover food…
They did manage to sit for half an hour to do some painting, which is something Maia has been really getting into lately. We picked up the canvasses from the Euro shop.
Two of the three little schoolgirls with their finished paintings. These two won’t be seeing so much of each other now that winter is approaching and they’re already missing each other terribly.
They also played dress-up.
No party would be complete without my sister’s cupcakes. This time she came up with these. And yes, that’s all sugar paste on top, including the pencils.

I hope your weekend was a good one too!




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  1. Orietta Gatt Schembri September 24, 2012 — 8:21 am

    HI Maureen, same feeling on my behalf but with a difference. I cant stop missing my eighteen year old son, moving to Malta for his new career. I also thought that I might get a rest from having one less person at home but the motherly feeling is terrible. I go over and over his timetable every hour wanting to know what will he be doing on that hour. And the worst part is the evenings when we all gather for dinner and i call him on his mobile asking what are they having for dinner and he answers Dont know yet!!!.

    Hearthful feelings , we gozitan parents pass through our lives, as soon as our loved ones fly away. So Maureen enjoy every minute with your pretty angels .

    Good day dear

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