Right now

While I write this, Robin is sleeping in her hospital bed.

She had a rough night the other night and the dreaded fever returned yesterday. The doctor noticed a few things he didn’t like and suggested we take her to hospital for an X-ray and a thorough examination, which is what we did. Sure enough, the hospital staff confirmed she’s fighting an infection. What this blessed infection is we still don’t know but I have to confess that I knew, weeks ago, that we would end up in hospital, even though she looked fine these past three weeks. Call it mother’s instinct or just plain paranoia…I just knew.

So now we just have to wait it out and hope for the best. Some of you found out about Robin through my Instagram feed and sent lovely encouraging messages and for that I thank you. It’s never easy seeing your child suffer, not even when the whole experience takes you back six years to when your other child went through much the same thing in exactly the same place. I am glad I’m better prepared emotionally this time around to cope with this curveball but still feel fortified by the love you readers always show my girls. I might regret sharing so much about our family one day but the good far outweighs any bad which might come out of this.




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  1. Awww poor baby! and poor mummy too. Hope that you both feel a lot better soon x

  2. Hi hope your little angel has a very speedy recovery! I will keep you in my prayers xxx

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