A little update

We’ve been here two days now and our little patient has improved greatly.

She’s still fighting the viral/bacterial infection attacking her body right now (diagnoses keep changing) but she’s definitely on the mend. Yesterday the doctor noticed she was wheezing so, apart from the barrage of medicines she’s already having, she was prescribed twenty minutes of nebuliser every four hours. I’ve never had Ventolin through a nebuliser so didn’t know what to expect. I’m trying to find the right words to describe the effect it had on Robin and the only words I can come up with is caged animal let loose.

She rattled the cot’s sides, giggled uncontrollably, flirted with the cleaner, ran around the whole paediatric ward screaming at the top of her lungs, kept pointing at the ceiling lights so I’d admire them with her…do you get the picture? It was funny at first but quickly became a nightmare when she became so overtired she needed to sleep but wasn’t able to…well into the night. My neck and right arm are in constant pain from carrying her all the time. Thank goodness for the sling I remembered to get from home yesterday…I had to lie down in bed with her in it so she would stop trying to jump off the bed. The good news is that her lungs sounded clear this morning so she’ll only have the crazy-making medicine as the need arises.


Many of you have asked me what exactly is wrong with her. Well, I wish I could explain it in one sentence but it’s a little more complicated than that. The doctors’ conclusion is that she’s been literally attacked by multiple viruses over the past two months. She first got sick when Maia and I were ill in the beginning of August and then her immune system never made it back to normal because it kept being assaulted by other viruses/bacterial infections. She was unlucky but there’s also the possibility of her being prone to hay fever (like Maia and me) and, possibly, childhood asthma, which might explain why it’s taken her so long to recover fully. We’ll have to wait and see about the latter two conditions.

So that’s basically it. I’m sorry if I bored you with these details but right now it’s easier to communicate with everyone through here than send individual messages. That said, I am reading each and every message/email you’re sending me with a big smile on my face. I’m sorry if I’m not answering right now but you should know you’re making this not so perfect time more bearable.



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  1. I’m thinking of you all dear. Hope Robin’s soon out of there. She’s a little trooper – I’m sure she’ll be back to her cheerful self in no time at all x

    • Last time i saw you in hospital my son dean had the same thing robin h
      as ,dont worry she will get better sweet take care x x x

  2. Ahhh shame mommy, hope she gets better soon and those nasty viruses go away! I have been struggling with Lily constantly over the last few months with viruses and she now needs to have her adenoids removed along with grommets as she is just not healing well! Big hugs for you both! xxx

    • Oh no, we seem to be facing many of the same problems! My other daughter had her tonsils and adenoids removed 4 years ago and might need grommets now so I know what you’re facing. The ops will make everything better, you’ll see. As for robin, she’s making huge progress, thanks! Hang in there! X

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