This weekend


Last Friday Robin was sent back home and we couldn’t get out of hospital fast enough! The staff at the paediatric ward took good care of us but we were missing our beds, our toys, having a proper bath and, mostly, our family.

The doctors finally detected the virus which landed us in hospital in the first place (RSV) and concluded that Robin’s immune system had been so weak that it couldn’t cope with the onslaught of illnesses and viruses brought home from school every day by Maia and offered a cozy home by me. To cut a long story short, we have to be extra careful to keep her as healthy as possible for as long as possible, which might seem obvious and simple but really isn’t when another child in the family goes to school. We’re taking all the necessary precautions, like having Maia change her clothes and shower as soon as she comes home from school and avoiding crowded places but it’s going to take time until her health is fully restored.

So this weekend was spent catching up with big sister, whom we hadn’t seen much of for almost a week. I didn’t take any photos, partly because my camera’s battery was dead and also because I was too busy enjoying my littles. I also napped every time Robin did, which was often. We both needed to catch up on the many hours of sleep we lost last week.

The first thing she did when we arrived home was run to her toys, screeching with joy. It was the sweetest thing!


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