My current pick-me-ups

While in hospital last week, I tried to make Robin’s bed and her little area in the hospital room feel as comfortable and familiar as possible. I got her her favourite cushion which she sleeps with, her baby doll and a couple of toys. I also got her one of her fleece blankets, Maia’s night light (not that we needed that in the permanently lit hospital rooms!) and her favourite books. Since I was spending the night and most of the day with her, I got some things to ease my discomfort too. I took my pillow (the single most important item I took), a comfortable cardigan, my knitting (the internet has reminded me how to knit but I haven’t got much knitted yet), my iPad and a magazine. The only item I had time to use was my pillow when I was lucky enough to have Robin sleep in her own bed instead of my chest.

Those three days and nights were spent comforting Robin, keeping her calm during the administering of medicines and checkups, keeping her from running into other patients’ rooms and trying to put her to sleep amid the lights and noise which went on well into the night. By the time my mum or the husband took over for a few hours mid-morning, I was exhausted and in dire need of some grooming. If you happened to see me drive past during those three days, you’ll know how terrible I looked (and felt).

No matter how many times I wean myself off coffee, I always fall for it again. Also, I LOVE these espresso cups my sister gave us!

The two things that revived me every morning were coffee (I almost wrote that word in bold, capitalised it and underlined it too) and The Body Shop’s dry oil. I didn’t have access to a coffee vending machine or a kettle in hospital (they only cater for the patients and I couldn’t leave Robin’s side for a second), so the second I stepped into our flat I made a beeline for the coffee machine, inhaling its aroma as it percolated into the cup. The second thing I did was hop into the shower, brush my teeth and hair and cover myself in this dry oil I got in the stash from The Body Shop. It’s amazing how much better I felt once I was fresh and caffeinated.

This is my current favourite beauty product…I’m using it instead of moisturiser, body cream and sometimes even instead of serum on my hair. My favourite scent is Moringa…not so sure about the Strawberry I was given. I’m afraid I’d smell like a fruit bowl!

I’m curious…what’s on top of your list of pick-me-ups? Is it coffee and showers, like me, or are there other things you resort to when stressed and tired? I might need to consider a substitute for the coffee some day…



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  1. mmm qed nahsibha nghaddi nixtri il-Moringa one ehh!

  2. how swt of you thanks! am pretty sure that the strawberry one is quite strong scented, thus it would be better if i opt for something else. on their site they have quite an extensive range. hope they would have the same range in the Valletta shop

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