Elmo thinks…

I realise I last wrote (with tears streaming down my face) just a few hours ago saying I didn’t know when I’d be back. But Robin has been dancing and singing for the past three hours and now she’s having a nap and I got lots of encouraging messages from some of you (THANK YOU!) and, somehow, optimism always buoys back to the surface when I least expect it.

I just remembered about one of the films we saw last week. Well, it’s a film I saw while the husband snored next to me. I don’t blame him because although the story was sweet and pretty realistic, the film was too long and dragging. However, there was a redeeming scene which I can’t get enough of. It made me giggle when I first saw it and has cheered me up many times since. If you’re at all familiar with Sesame Street, you’ll understand why I love it so much. If not, get yourself to the Sesame Street channel on You Tube and put on one of their song playlists.

I promise you’ll be singing along and wiggling your bottom in no time.



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  1. Sweet friend, I’m so sorry this has been a difficult time for you. You haven’t failed your children, you’re probably just really, really tired and need a rest to put it all in perspective. You are a great mama and I know your girls wouldn’t want any other.

    praying over your home for healing, health and sleep.

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