What if…

A dear blogger friend who has also become a real life friend is pregnant with her second child. We met in person when both of us were pregnant, me with my second and she with her first. I had only just found out I was pregnant but the husband had already declared the baby’s name to be Emily, in honour of Emily Eavis (strangely, we never thought of boys’ names). Then I met Clare and she told me they had just found out they were having a girl and that her name was Emily. So our Emily became Robin (with Emily being her second name).

As time went by, Clare and I discovered we had a lot in common, even though we now live in different countries and we only physically met that once. So when she recently announced her second pregnancy, the joy I felt was the same I would feel for a friend I’ve known since childhood. Her news also reawakened my desire for/wondering about a third baby. I winced while writing that last sentence…I mean, with all we’ve been through recently with both girls you’d think I’d have changed my mind, right? Right…maybe.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, yesterday, following a glorious afternoon which saw Robin happily running around singing and dancing to Sesame Street (with no shortness of breath!), I found myself Googling ‘having three kids’. That’s when I came across the hilarious columns written by Jennifer Eyre White. She has three children and her description of life with three kids has done little to discourage me from dreaming about a possible third.

So, where does that leave me? I don’t know but I’m pretty sure I’ll vacillate between “yes, why not?” and “no way!” for quite some time. In the meantime, I’ll continue living pregnancies and births through my friends and I’ll reread Jennifer’s columns until I know them off by heart.

I can’t help wondering how a third one would fit in with these two…




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  1. well you did leave some space in the photo for a couple more to fit in 🙂

  2. Never say never Mau 🙂 We’re all afraid of change, we’re afraid we won’t be able to make it. Then change happens, we may make some mistakes whilst adjusting, but you wouldn’t be able to then imagine your life without that particular ‘change’…

  3. *hugs* I love this. And that photo…. amazing, such an intimate moment between them. Another child would fit in the way Robin did. The question is about you, not them 🙂 (and I’m not saying you’re selfish or anything like that by not having more – you know my feelings about that!!!) xx

  4. Having three boys within a three and a half year stretch, I would say life has been absolutely crazy. BUT I LOVE IT. It was definately easier to go from two to three than one to two, or even zero to one. Even now that they are leaving the nest and creating lives for themselves, it includes their brothers. I love that they are friends as well as brothers.

    I know you’ll land exactly where you need to and do a fabulous job with however many children you have.

    So glad you all are feeling better. Asthma can be a scary thing to deal with, especially in a small child.

    • OMG Jill! 3 in under 4 years?! How on earth did you cope?! You’re a star in my books!

      • HA! It was pure craziness. Lots of prayer and a healthy sense of humor…and a lot of love and forgiveness (on everyone’s part). You do want you need to do, regardless of the situation.

        have an awesome weekend!

  5. …sometimes I look at my 3 boys and think…what was I thinking????….but then I know that although my life is hectic, chaotic, noisy, crammed and messy…I’m at my best when I’m with them 🙂 they bring out the best in me (sometimes they can even bring out the worst mind you….), but loving them is what I do best…and each one of them has taught me new ways to be a mum….
    also you cannot get a guarantee that life will be plain sailing whether you have one child, two or three…each child is different with its own strengths and difficulties…you just have to learn to embrace challenges and count the blessings…
    that said…if i were you i’d get a puppy ;)))))))))

  6. I think 3 is the perfect number for children

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