This weekend (a day late)

This weekend was a good one. We had a little rain, lots of dance lessons and lots of longing for cooler temperatures. Even though the sky looked menacing for most of the day on Saturday and we were swept away by a very strong wind while it rained, the temperature was back to uncomfortably hot by Sunday.

The best part of the weekend (for me) was Saturday night, when I unexpectedly ended up at the opera. The last time I took part in an opera was three years ago and I haven’t attended regular choir practice for the past two years. I miss it terribly and I spend the whole opera choking back the tears. I also spent the whole time lip-synching to the opera (Turandot being one of my all-time favourites) and trying to keep my breathing steady. Because on stage was my very best friend, my soul sister. She shone in her part, as she always does, but seeing her perform is always a gut-wrenching experience for me. I needn’t have worried…she’s a true star and I’m so so proud of her!

I’ll leave you with a few images from this weekend, hoping yours was filled with happy moments and some excitement too.

Only fellow islanders will understand me when I say the whole family was giddy with excitement at the sight of those clouds. Sadly, they were short-lived.
Robin had a good few days, with her breathing remaining under control. She wasn’t at her best yesterday (hence my being late with this post) but overall we’re learning to live with inhalers and breath-counting. She also discovered raisins this weekend and is obsessed with them!
This girl is loving her dance lessons. This is her fifth year of dancing and she just can’t get enough of it. She counts down the days to the weekend just because she can’t wait for her next lesson. I’m not keen on all the driving around it involves but seeing her so motivated motivates me too.
Robin doesn’t have ANY winter clothes yet, so we went through a couple of bags of hand me downs to get us started. Some of the clothes were Maia’s. How my first baby grew up so fast never fails to amaze me. I swear, it feels like she was Robin’s size just a couple of years ago.

The girls have been wearing their wellies most of the time. As I said, we’re a little desperate for some cold.






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  1. I was so happy too when the clouds and wind rolled in but disappointed when it didn’t last 😦 I’m tired of this in between seasons, too hot to wear fall clothes but not quite warm enough (at least to me) to be in my summer attire still. *sigh* lol

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