Get out more

Oh look at that! It’s Thursday already! I’ve no idea how the past four days passed already. All I can remember is these four walls and school runs. Which brings me to today…

Robin had her follow-up visit with the paediatrician at hospital this morning. His parting words were “get out more”. I guess he could see from my sallow complexion and dark circles that I haven’t been outside the house much this past month, except to drive Maia to school and to her various activities. He also meant for me to take Robin out more. He said we should spend an hour every morning somewhere outdoors, preferably near the sea. And it makes sense. It’s one of the most important things to remember when you’re raising children…they need fresh air. They need to run around and get dirty.

Not that mine don’t run around or get dirty. They somehow manage to get filthy even indoors and running around (whether on a bike, a scooter, a rocking horse or on their feet) is all they seem to do. I get his point, however, and I had come to the same conclusion after seeing my Instagram feed and realising that most of the photos taken during the past two months were taken in our flat. Depressing.

The doctor was quite pleased with Robin. She has improved greatly and will now only use the inhaler when necessary. Only time will tell, but it is now almost certain that what she suffers from is hay fever. She is also prone to asthma attacks but, so far, we’ve been able to keep them under control. Things are looking better than they have the past couple of months.

In other news, we managed to pay our lovely hairdresser a visit and Robin got a fringe again. The resemblance between her and a small me is uncanny. Except she’s prettier.



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