This weekend

This weekend we followed doctor’s orders and got out more.

I haven’t been at the computer these past few days and only used Instagram on my iPad every now and then. I don’t realise while it’s happening but sometimes I get too distracted by social media (my biggest weaknesses are blogs, Twitter and Instagram). It’s hard (for me) not to get sucked into the vortex of status updates and blog posts but this weekend I managed to focus on real life and how good it is.

This weekend we played, we danced (especially Maia), we caught up with friends, we spent too much time doing homework (and I found out that homeschooling is not only not encouraged in our country but actually illegal!), we baked and we even went to church (and met the choir after many months of absence).

I hope your weekend was a good one too!



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  1. Homeschooling is illegal!!? That is so odd and well.. I think not right lol. Another odd law to add to the books here 😉

  2. How strange that homeschooling is illegal. I would imagine that homeschooling would come with a whole bunch of regulations attached though so not every Tom, Dick and Harry does it. Can you imagine these ignorant teenage parents homeschooling their kids? O mio dio !! hehe.

    I love your choir too. Working with them right now. Choir mistress is awesome. I adore that woman she is like a hmmmm how do i describe her, dark chocolate. A bit bitter when you first taste it but then it is delicious hehe. I also love how angelic the voices are :-). Hopefully in the future you will be able to start singing with them again.

    • I too thought that there would be strict regulations to be followed but not that it would be illegal! It’s ok if you’re not a Maltese citizen (that’s why my French friend could homeschool her daughter) but not if you are. About the choir mistress, I agree. She’s got a big heart but you’d have to go past the tough exterior to see it. She’s also a genius (really, she is).

      • One of those odd things that I really want to ask about. makes you wonder!!!

        Yes I believe you that she is a genius ta and you are so right. I enjoy working with her a lot. She cracks me up sometimes hehe 🙂

  3. So TRUE! I can see a marked difference in the days that Jack does not get enough outdoor time. It is one of my reservations about raising a child in the city. We do spend a lot of time out side, but I resent the time spent in the car and indoors.

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