Embrace the camera 25th October 2012

If you follow me on Instagram (@islandfairy), you’ll have seen this photo already.

When I took it, the neighbours were having a very loud argument and all our windows were open. I ended up hearing more than I wanted to and I also realised they must think I’m mental, because I give them an earful every day with all my yelling. It’s something I’m constantly working on (controlling my volatile temperament) and this particular moment reminded me that if I could hear and make out every single word they were throwing at each other, then they can hear every single word I throw at the kids.

Humble pie.



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  1. This photo makes me laugh and Maia’s face, LOL

  2. Ha! I wonder that sometimes! Especially when we are trying to rush to get in the car! I am like, wow. That probably did not sound good. They probably think I am a shrew. Of course they did not hear the lets get in the car in a nice voice I have said ten times already!

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