A little gushing

It’s not often the husband and I are apart. He works long hours and the strangest shifts but there’s still at least an hour out of every twenty four that we spend together. Right now he’s away shooting a wedding and even though the girls keep me on my toes, I still miss him terribly. I miss him more than I thought I would.

This morning I found myself going through his photos (as in, photos he took, not photos of him as the latter are hard to come by). And I was reminded of how talented he is. I’ve gushed about his photos in the past but, really, let me tell you again. The guy’s got an eye. He sees the world differently from the way I see it. He’s also a perfectionist when it comes to his work (which isn’t something I can say about his desk or his wardrobe). He also genuinely enjoys doing what he does, which I think shows in his relationship with the people he shoots and in his photos.

These are a few of my favourite photos of his (I might have got carried away a little…).





PS – If you would like to see more, visit his website www.georgesaguna.com

PPS – Please do not reproduce any of his photos without written permission.




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  1. Great photos of your family. This is some top notch work. Thanks for sharing.

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