This weekend

This weekend was busy but good.

The best part was Maia’s hearing being declared normal after another hearing test. Now we need to address her congestion and whatever is causing it, but I cannot say I wasn’t relieved that her hearing is back to normal. We celebrated with some good old puddle splashing outside the hospital and then found an airconditioned place to cool off after the exertion. The weather has been really strange lately. It’s gloomy most days, threatening to rain in the morning, but sunny and hot in the afternoon. Then it cools down in the evening and the same pattern repeats the following day. Yesterday, however, was the first day we wore long sleeves all day without breaking into a sweat.

Dare we hope the cooler weather is here to stay?

I love how excited she gets at the prospect of having her hearing tested. She sees it as a game and playing is all she wants to do. That and dancing.
Celebratory puddle splashing.
This was taken Saturday afternoon. A few hours earlier it was raining but by the time this photo was taken, we were boiling and some people were swimming.
This girl and I had some long chats this weekend. My love for her grows more each day.
Ah yes, the clocks moved back this Sunday. Did that make a difference to our day? Yes, we woke up earlier and this girl slept earlier too. I vaguely remember when the change to daylight savings time meant an extra hour of sleep.
This *could* be the start of cooler weather. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.





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  1. This is something that I HAVE to try out! Thanks 🙂

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