Trick or treat?

Happy Halloween!

We’re not really big on halloween on the islands, although it’s picking up as a ‘holiday’. This is the first year I’ve seen something Halloween-related in most shops on the smaller island. It’s also the first year the children had a no-uniform day at school to celebrate this day and they could wear a costume like they do during the week of carnival (in February/March).

This is what Maia wore to school. She refused to wear any of her costumes and put together this get-up instead. Not pictured is a long black tail sticking out of her skirt.

I must admit I resisted celebrating Halloween up till a couple of years ago, simply because it all felt very foreign to me and to our culture. I’ve nothing against celebrating it…it’s just that we never did. Last year, however, we went to a Halloween party thrown by British friends of ours and I realised what a lot of fun it was for the children (and the adults). This year we planned to go trick-or-treating and throw a small party at home with our closest friends but all plans fell through. Instead, we’ll be celebrating our dad’s birthday with a cake made by my sister and then pop over at a friend’s birthday party before the husband heads off to work.

This is the cake my sister made for my dad. I can’t wait to dig my teeth into it!

Have fun if you’re going trick-or-treating (I secretly wish I was going myself). I was just thinking what fun it would be if you left a link to your blog (if you’re a blogger) or your Facebook page/Instagram where you can share your pictures and stories about this Halloween. Anyone up for it?



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  1. I haven’t blogged about our pretty awesome NCT Halloween party but there are piccies of Emily in her witchy costume here: πŸ˜‰

  2. Unfortunately, we didn’t celebrate Halloween this year. We were still in post-wedding bliss/madness hehe. But I had organised my first Halloween party about 13 years ago… ahead of the times then πŸ˜‰ For me, any excuse for a party πŸ™‚

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