This weekend

This weekend lasted four days for us since Maia had her mid-term holidays.

We spent as much time together as we could, playing, decorating the flat with pumpkins and bats that Maia cut out and trying to enjoy the man of the house every few minutes we got with him. The highlight of our weekend was my niece’s fifth birthday party. It was hands down the best children’s party I’ve been to and, as you can imagine, my sister outdid herself with the cake (chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon, carrot, coconut). Here are some pictures from our weekend (please do not reproduce any photos without asking for permission first).

I hope yours was a good one too.

We still have one of those balloons floating around here. Best toy EVER.


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  1. That cake looks amazing! Glad you guys all had a great weekend and had the time to enjoy eachother 🙂

  2. Did you notice that in the picture where G is holding R there is a sign in the background that says “Please read safety guidelines and rules” ? GEORGE DID NOT READ THEM lol. Beautiful pictures! I love to read your blog and even though I do not often comment I make it a point to pop by every now and then to see what you guys are up to. Take care!

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