Early mornings

I have no excuse for disappearing this week except I’ve been busy…doing nothing particular. Robin’s naps have been haphazard (she just cut her first canine – tooth number 13! – which might explain her being unsettled), she’s been waking up before dawn and I’m being kept on my toes all day long by two girls who never seem to get tired. By the time they go to bed, I’m too exhausted to do more than catch up on emails. I hope daylight savings time is treating you better than it is us.

The best thing about these past two weeks is that the weather has cooled down a lot. We still get days when we have to wear short sleeves, but the nights require long-sleeved pyjamas and heavy blankets and this makes us all happier. This summer has felt endless. Six months of summer is far too long!

Speaking of endless summers, I am so grateful for the internet and especially Instagram. I get to see what autumn looks and feels like in countries where this season is more than just a name. There are falling leaves, scarves and jackets, fireplaces and hot cider. There are even places where the snow has already arrived! If you are on Instagram, let me know your username so I can follow you and weather in your corner of the world (mine is islandfairy). If you are not on Instagram, you can still view photos. Instagram has just launched its profile pages where you can follow any account you wish.

Now excuse me while I go inject some caffeine in my veins.



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