Let the panic begin

What I forgot to mention earlier today is that my every free minute is currently consumed by preparations for our annual holiday in Paris. This will be our first time there with two children (I don’t think our trip two years ago qualifies) and I have to admit that I’m starting to panic a little. Just a little.

We still have to finalise on accommodation after a number of apartments we had set our hearts on ended up being unavailable***. Maia’s passport needs to be renewed. I think we’re going to need another suitcase. Our wardrobes are woefully inadequate for the cold we’ll be travelling to. The list goes on and on and the control freak in me is screaming and tearing her hair out.

Then, yesterday, I came across a blog post on Design for Minikind which almost made me shed a tear of nostalgia. Petit Pan, the shop Erin wrote about, was the one where we had bought the first item for Robin when I was just a few weeks pregnant with her. It was a changing mat which I still treasure in a special drawer. If you’re ever in Montmartre, you should visit this tiny shop. It’s a feast for the eyes. And if your immediate plans don’t include a visit to Paris, you could visit Petit Pan’s website. It’s one of the cutest I have seen in a while.

***We are using Airbnb to look for a flat in Paris. If you have any suggestions or know of any places in the Invalides/Champs de Mars area, please drop me a line. I’d be very grateful!

I distinctly remember needing a wee when this photo was taken. I was also terribly nauseous. And Maia was TINY compared to today! *sigh*



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  1. When we visited earlier is year, we stayed in a cute hotel in the St. Germain-de-Pres area. It was in a good position cos there were nearby restaurants, cafe places, small artistic shops. And we could walk e whole way through.

    • St Germain is a little out of the way for us (though it’s very central to everyone else!). Also, we’re ruling out hotels this time because it’s a little complicated with 2 kids. We’d have to stay at one of the more expensive hotels and we’d rather spend that money on other things!

  2. What I find amusing in this post is that the post talks about Paris and the background of the photo shows an Italian restaurant!

    Holidays are meant for a break – so once in a while while panicking and stressing out just remember that little detail.

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