This weekend

My weekend posts are becoming a Tuesday fixture! Lest you go thinking my weekends end on Monday, it’s just that Mondays tend to be busy days and I’m sure it’s the same for everyone.

This weekend was lovely. I spent a lot of quality time with both girls, individually. This so rarely happens. It’s usually Robin and I in the morning and then all of us late afternoon till night. This Saturday, however, Robin spent some time at my parents, which meant that Maia and I were together alone for hours. We both loved it even though we didn’t do anything unusual. It’s silly really, but there are still days when I miss having all my day to dedicate to just her. I’m not talking about the time before Robin came along but one when even her father hadn’t entered our lives yet. I doubt I’ll ever forget the first three years of her life and how deep our bond was (and still is).

These days, our relationship is changing. I am so so proud of her. Apart from her doing well at school and taking all her extra-curricular activities very seriously, she is also a lot of fun to be around. We now have long conversations, giggle at the same jokes and keep discovering that we have the same ‘secrets’. She is the best sister Robin could wish to have, taking care of her and being patient with her. The do squabble (yes, the little one keeps up with her sister very well) but their love for each other turns me to mush on a daily basis. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m still falling in love with her all over everyday.

Then I had Sunday morning alone with Robin. We spend every morning alone after Maia goes to school, but this was a rare morning when I didn’t have any errands to run or housework that couldn’t wait. So we cuddled on the sofa, watched Pinocchio and snacked on cherry tomatoes. It was perfect!

The photos I take, I take for my girls. I’ll never get over the fact that I only have a handful of shots from Maia’s life before we met the husband. But I was enjoying my littles so much this weekend, I only remembered to take a couple of photos. Here’s hoping they won’t mind…

This is George the worm. Maia made him out of an old pair of socks and he’s been everywhere with her since Saturday, including dance lessons and school!
We still haven’t taken down our Halloween decorations. I’m loving these bats so much they might just stay there all year round.







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