Good days

When you have a good day, do you lie in bed at night wondering what made it so good? Well, I do and I’ve come to a realisation. I feel the happiest when I feel on top of things. Call me a control freak, but getting everything ticked off my list does it for me.

Monday was one such day. We just moved Robin back to Maia’s room (after weeks of delaying the move because of shortness of breath/coughing bouts at night) and I managed to get up before everyone (read: before Robin) and had a shower and Maia’s school lunch ready before the troops were up. Robin behaved like a little lady all morning while I rushed from one errand to another. She sat in her sling, chugging water and smiling at everyone. If only every outing with her was as seamless! I also managed to stick to my weekly menu, which always relieves me from the pressure of having to whip something up out of what’s available in the fridge. I’m not a natural cook and have to follow recipes until they’re tattooed in my memory, so having a weekly menu in place has been a lifesaver.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said I managed to do everything I intended to do. I didn’t have the time to even look at this space, let alone write. My blog reader has just informed me that I have 675 blog posts to catch up on. The three loads of laundry I managed to wash are still sitting in basins, waiting to be folded and put away. But I was showered and dressed before the day had a chance to overwhelm me and meals were punctual, as was bedtime. And that’s enough to make my day a good one. As are moments like this:


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  1. hahaha i agree.. being in control of everything actually boosts up my spirits.. so lets sing all together

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