This weekend

This weekend was full of dance lessons (what’s new?), a best friend sleeping over, a lie-in on Sunday morning, a baby whose nocturnal coughing bouts are driving me (and her) batty and quite a bit of rain, for which we are very thankful.

How was yours?

During the few hours she was not attending a dance lesson, Maia danced to the Macarena in the living room. Robin shook her bottom too. Whatever Maia does, she has to do.These two girls had the time of their life watching The Lorax way past their bedtime, sleeping in the same room, waking up early to play and wearing the same outfit to Mass. Ah to be seven again!
As I mentioned, Robin’s nights are anything but restful lately due to a persistent cough she gets when she’s trying to sleep. I’m out of options (her bedtime routine currently includes hypertonic saline spray, inhaler, nose drops and Vicks rub). The husband let me sleep in yesterday morning and took care of breakfast and the kids until I managed to drag myself out of bed. I love him.


Add yours →

  1. sleeeeeep. one day when we are old and baby-less i imagine we will sleep for days and savor it. i tell myself that in the middle of the night when sleep is hard to find. ONE.DAY. yay for hubbies who love us with sleep. amen. 😉

  2. Hey…thinking about Robin, can you elevate her mattress so she’s sleeping uphill? I’ve trying to remember everything we did for our son when he had difficult nights (severe asthma & allergies).

    So glad to see the girls having fun & that you all had a lovely weekend.
    hugs ~j

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