Happy hump day friends! Is the slower rhythm of the colder months affecting you the same way it’s affecting me? These days I’m all about bowls of soup, writing lists about everything Christmas (presents, things to do, friends to visit) and waiting for the girls to go to bed so I can catch up on Downton Abbey.

There’s a lot I want to write about but I’m taking it easy right now, trying to enjoy the calm before the craziness that is December starts.

Today I’ll leave you with a guest post I wrote for Sarah of Reverie. If you’re not familiar with Sarah’s blog, you’re missing out. I love her way with words and the fact that her posts are always so real but still retain a certain magic. Sarah just welcomed her second daughter to this world and, even though we never met, I’m so excited for her and her young family! Reading her blog while she was expecting little Edi took me back to when I was pregnant with Robin.

Ah, the memories…

Are you as excited about Christmas as I am? 😀





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  1. I still haven’t watched Downton Abbey but I feel like maybe I should? I just hear so much about it.. Enjoy the calm where you kind find it. If December is anything like November I think we may be in for it. x

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