Embrace the camera 22nd November 2012

I haven’t been embracing the camera much lately. Actually, I haven’t carried my camera with me in months now. The only photos I seem to take are taken with the phone or the iPad when I come across a moment I want to remember. There are many other moments which remain in the past and are quickly forgotten, just because I’m too lazy to pull out a camera or phone and click the button. It takes some conscious effort to remember to take snapshots of the little daily moments which will eventually become the memories my children will carry with them all their lives.

This was one such moment. The girls were dancing to the Macarena all over the living room, hugging each other and giggling every few seconds. I was trying to rest my aching feet but kept getting this nagging feeling that I had to capture this moment, not because it was out of the ordinary, but because I knew it would become one of those I’d miss the most as time went by and the children grew up. It took us about five minutes of trying to get a photo that wasn’t blurred or out of focus or missing one of our faces. We settled for this one. I still hear the Macarena ringing in my ears every time I look at it.




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  1. you are so beautiful!! i love the look on your girlies faces… joy with mama. 🙂

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