Dinosaurs and robots

I hope I’m not boring you to death with this subject but let me talk babies. AGAIN.

So, my broodiness has taken a new turn. Now I’m finding myself fantasising about having a boy. I’m even catching myself browsing websites selling boys’ clothing and am suddenly drawn to anything with prints of dinosaurs and robots. If you haven’t already read my rants about this matter, you can read some of them here and here but I won’t go into the matter again. Well, not today at least.

But I cannot leave you without sharing some of my recent favourite finds. I hope you enjoy them as much as I am. [Maybe they’ll come in handy, Clare! ;-)]

cape and mask from udder
bobo choses striped jumper
pony vest from polarn o. pyret
bobo choses dog sleepsuit

smart gear balance bike
penguin by udder






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  1. You know I’ve always said over the years that when I finally have kids that I wanted 3 boys (no i’ll settle for 1 since it freaks me out ha). I didn’t want girls. But its not like I have any control over that lol but I think god might play a cruel joke one day and give me all girls (noooooo) LOL. The first photo is SO CUTE btw. Love it.

    • Oh Angela, your comment cracked me up! I never wanted girls either, until Maia came along that is. I was sure Maia would be a boy and I couldn’t imagine having girls (most of the babies in our family were boys at that time). Then I found myself wishing Robin would be a girl and she was. I love having girls so much! Having said that, the idea of a boy is slowly starting to creep in…

  2. I always wanted three children, and planned my second one two years after the first… I thought I’d wait a bit longer for the third one, and waited and waited….. Till it was too late. I still regret not trying again and sometimes imagine what it would have been, who it would look like and would it be different in character then my other two ( who are total opposites ). So hon, all I can tell you is if you are ready, go for it!!

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