A letter to Santa

Have you decorated your house for Christmas yet?

Our place looks anything but festive at the moment. We have sort of decided to wait until we’re back from Paris to start decorating but we’ll already be one week into December when that happens. So I’m still trying to decide whether to get it done while we’re still here. The reason I’m so hesitant is that I am scared of what twinkling lights and a decorated tree might do to Robin’s curiosity. She’s constantly on the go, getting her little hands into everything in sight. I really don’t know how we can keep both her and the tree safe this year.

So, while we find a way to decorate our house while avoiding trips to the hospital emergency room, we decided it was time for other preparations to be made. This morning Maia wrote her letter to Father Christmas over breakfast. Have I ever told you how proud I am of her and her ability to not be swayed by peer pressure (yet)? I was fully expecting her to ask for a Lalaloopsy (I can’t stand them, especially because they’re blatant imitations of Coraline) or some other overly advertised plastic contraption. Instead, she remained faithful to her love for Charlie and Lola and limited her list to things she really really wants.

Her request for pretty dresses is understandable…I tend to buy her and her sister comfortable trousers and usually avoid dresses because they are both so active that they’re usually a health hazard. I’d rather they be comfortable and free to move around than pretty but restricted by clothing. I was also touched by the fact she thought of her sister and included her in the letter. It will be some time before Robin can write her own letters!

So, here’s Maia’s letter for this year:

And in case you were wondering, she still asked questions about Father Christmas. This time the questions weren’t as traumatic to me as they were a couple of years ago. She wanted to know whether Father Christmas really makes all his toys himself and how he manages to get into our flat since we don’t have a chimney. I don’t even want to imagine the day she’ll ask me The Question.




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  1. How cute! I love the different ‘fonts’ that she used for her title.

    (By any chance, does she have a Maltese book at school where they use the word ‘hellow’? I had seen one a couple of years back and was shocked by it!)

  2. Awww so thoughtful of her to include something for Robin 🙂 And to only ask for a few things, thats amazing. I remember as a kid I had a huge list and would break it into stocking stuffers and big presents LOL.

    • I know! I thought the list would be much longer (and more expensive) but she’s still at an age where quantity is not that important. I guess not allowing certain tv channels at home has its advantages!

      • Seems like you lucked out there then! hehe I just hope that one day my kid(s) won’t want the electronic noisy-type toys lol They will drive me insane, only wooden ones for them hahaha

      • She’s only allowed a few minutes on the ipad everyday and that’s enough for her (so far!). Her nannu even gave her his Nintendo but she hardly ever switches it on. I’m afraid Robin will be a different story…she LOVES buttons and touch screens!

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