The Death of Snow White

In three days we leave on our family holiday.

I can’t believe I just wrote THREE days. I can’t wait to be back in Paris but there are a couple of buts (not to be confused with butts). The first but is that I’m slightly dreading travelling with both kids. The last time we did that, Robin was still a baby who happily spent her days sleeping in her sling, guzzling milk and pooping. She’s now a very active almost 18 month old who won’t sit still. Then there’s Maia. She’s not the kind of girl who sits pretty and doodles on colouring books all day. She’s creative and loves making things and painting and writing, but when we’re out of the house she’s all over the place. I lose sight of her all the time here on the island, but being the tiny place that it is, I know she’s just around the corner (that’s not to say that I’ve forgotten this summer’s horrible experience of losing her for a few minutes…and neither has she). So I’m trying to keep calm and focus on the memories they will be making and carrying with them all their lives. Well, at least Maia will.

Now, on to the second but. It just so happens that the one show I’ve been waiting to go to ALL YEAR will be on when we’re away. How could I have forgotten that when we booked the flights? How?! If you live on the islands, you will have heard of Naupaca Dance Factory and their yearly dance productions. I had never been to any of their shows until I took Maia to watch Alice’s Adventures Under Ground last December. Now, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to dance. I can’t help noticing mistakes or legs that are not turned out quite enough. Anyone unfortunate enough to be sitting next to me during a dance show usually ends up asking for a sick bag. But not this time. I left the theatre with every intention of taking up dance lessons. The production was of such a high standard that I wanted to run home and put up our national flag outside the building. These guys made me so proud to be Maltese. Actually, they made me proud to be Gozitan, because they are all fellow islanders. It wasn’t just the dancing that blew my mind (again with the mind-blowing!) but their interpretation of one of my favourite stories. And the music written especially for this show. And the costumes. And the advertising. This show was worthy of international stages.

So you’ll understand my excitement when, on the last page of the show’s programme, I saw the advert for this year’s show. The Death of Snow White. I skipped out of the theatre, wishing the following twelve months would go by in five minutes.

Then came the realisation, a few weeks ago, that we would be eating croissants and baguettes in the shade of the Eiffel Tower and that I’d have to wait yet another year to see another show by Naupaca. It might sound extreme, but I shed a couple of tears of frustration when the penny dropped. I was (and still am) so angry with myself for forgetting about it! So, in lieu of my attending what will surely be an unforgettable show, I’m encouraging everyone I know to do so. I realise that most of you are scattered around the globe, but if you are on the islands, do yourselves a favour and book your tickets today. There will be shows on both islands, so if you live on the larger island you can go too.

I’ll leave you with the trailer to The Death of Snow White. Maybe you’ll get a glimpse of the [insert superlative of your choice] that this show will be.

PS – Please tell me I’m not the only one to be blown away by the choreography and the music and the costumes and the editing of this video!

PPS – You can read more about Naupaca and this show HERE. And HERE you’ll find information about the actual shows.

The Death of Snow White – Trailer from Naupaca Dance Factory on Vimeo.


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  1. I share your enthusiasm for Naupaca and have to see Snow White in Malta (on the 9th Dec – in case you’re back from Paris), as it clashes with my own production.

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