Words, or the lack thereof

Yesterday Robin and I ran into an old friend of mine and his son, who’s only three months older than Robin. Only then did I realise that Robin never really meets children her age. She’s always surrounded by older cousins and her sister. Not that it affects her, mind you. She manages to keep up even with her eleven year old cousin but it was really nice to see her following a baby her size and chasing him to hug him goodbye (she managed to corner him in the end).

The second thing I noticed is (again) how little she says. I don’t want to make an issue out of this, but I really cannot help myself. She has started repeating more words but her vocabulary is still very limited. While she understands everything we tell her and she replies in her own way, the words she actually uses so far are Mama’ (that’s me), Maama (that’s Maia), Baba (her dad), gaga (her dummy), Baba (Barney), wow, bo (ball), car, caca (poop) and pata (patata, the Maltese word for both potato and bum). The last two words come courtesy of the husband, who is very keen on teaching her the most essential words first.

Speaking of caca, I think she may already be ready for potty training. She hasn’t needed a nappy change outside the house in months now; she waits for us to get back home before doing the deed. She also informs me before she actually poops, so I guess if I put her on a potty right then we’d be on our way to getting rid of nappies. She might be getting ready, but I’m not. I’ll deal with it later. Much much later.

There are days when I worry about her lack of verbal communication, especially because it is starting to become a barrier between us. I normally understand what she wants or needs without her having to make an effort to explain, but lately it hasn’t always been the case. And then it’s frustration all around.

Having said that, I’m really proud of all of the things she does do. She is an excellent climber, runs like the wind, gives the best hugs, runs to hug Maia and pulls funny faces to make her laugh whenever she sees that her sister is upset, is an excellent sleeper and eater and uses her cutlery well now. And those few words she says? We can’t get enough of them:



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  1. ahna taghna l-ewwel qalet nanna, u l ghada mama u papa i.e. go temp ta jumejn liema jumejn kienu l-erbgha u l-hamis ta din il gimgha.. jigifieriiiiiii kollha bil-pass taghhom

  2. omg that video is too funny! So cute 🙂 Not to worry, it sounds as if she has a good grasp on the words she does know already, the rest will come soon enough and then you’ll wish for the quieter days hehe

  3. Try not to worry! C still doesn’t walk entirely on her own and she picks the food off her cutlery and eats it with her fingers! I’ve stopped myself from worrying and I know she will do everything in her own time! Try this app out – Baby Touch and Hear. Best 69p spent! She’s learnt how to make cat sounds, say fish (ish), butterfly (why), monkey (kee) and car from it. But be warned, it will attract curious looks when using it outside in public – it sounds like a portable zoo lol!

  4. our oldest boy was still struggling to string a sentance at four years old, and then it was like someone flipped a switch and he hasn’t stopped talking since. Try not to worry. As long as she’s communicating she’ll find her way to words.

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