Your favourites: Ooh, have I got a clue for you!

While we’re in the City of Light, I thought I’d share with you some of the most popular posts on Island Fairy to date. They’re not necessarily my favourites, but you guys loved them, so enjoy!


I’m waiting for the husband to arrive home (yay!) and have resorted to pinning to keep myself awake. And what do I come across but this photo of the host of Blue’s Clues:

I discovered this delightful show (I hope you can detect my sarcasm here) recently, thanks to Nick Jr joining the list on our cable TV. Maia loves it and Robin loves the little jingles they sing now and then throughout the show. The husband can’t get over what a dork the host looks like and I am strangely mesmerised by him (the host I mean…and my husband too, obviously).

So I looked up the programme on Wikipedia and I discovered that Steve is in fact Steven Burns and these days he looks like this:

Who’s the dork now?

[originally posted on 12th February 2012]


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