Your favourites: A day as a pirate

While we’re in the City of Light, I thought I’d share with you some of the most popular posts on Island Fairy to date. They’re not necessarily my favourites, but you guys loved them, so enjoy!


I’m stuck at home again today…my neck got worse, to the point that I had to turn my head using my hands during the night (if you can picture that). I guess I overdid it yesterday but it was worth it. Well, I’m not sure this pain is worth enduring for anything but at least it was a nice day outside the house. In the morning I worked but in the afternoon we went to Munchkin’s friend Emma’s 7th birthday party. Emma’s parents are two of the most creative people I know. Maybe the fact that she’s German and he’s Welsh have something to do with it. They’ve got style and imagination and, best of all, a can-do attitude. It was a pirate party and since I’m a sucker for anything pirate-related I had a great time. Add to that a bunch of beautiful blond children and I was in mummy heaven. The invitation to the party was a message in a bottle and when we arrived at the point indicated on the message, all the invites were put together to form a treasure map (with all the kids duly dressed up as pirates with red bandanas.

Putting together the pieces of the treasure map

Then it was time to follow the map and look for the clues which would eventually lead us to the treasure. There were three stops in all and in each place the children found a hidden clue which led them to the next one.

The birthday girl finding one of the clues
Our little pirate

At this point the camera died on me and I swore like a pirate. At last we reached the treasure trove…the tower of Dwejra. There were the blue pirates(my husband and the birthday girl’s mum) waiting for us and, after a brief battle, the red pirates claimed the castle and a huge treasure chest full of gold (chocolate) coins and sweets. Then the party started and the more I laughed and enjoyed watching the children having fun, the worse the pain in my neck got.

So today I stayed at home and I’m trying to ignore the pain and enjoy some quality time with Munchkin and The Man. So far we’ve written words (one of Munchkin’s favourite things to do), ate qaghaq tal-appostli and made puzzles.

Munchkin did this all by herself. 104 pieces…I’m a proud mama!

[originally posted on 1st April 2010]


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