Your favourites: Cate Blanchett

While we’re in the City of Light, I thought I’d share with you some of the most popular posts on Island Fairy to date. They’re not necessarily my favourites, but you guys loved them, so enjoy!


Today I am feeling tired. I woke up tired and have been fighting to keep going all day long. I know that it is a mixture of some personal stuff we’re going through right now, which I can’t wait to be over and done with, and also the heat that has descended on the islands these past few days (and that’s bound to start lifting in about 4 months. Oh joy.). On days like this I find myself drawn to food (obviously) and images of beautiful objects or people. Today I ended up looking at these pictures of Cate Blanchett and almost feeling pain at the beauty of this woman.

She’s especially stunning in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. Brad Pitt? I don’t really care for him.

I first developed my girl crush on her when I saw her in Elizabeth back in 1998. I remember pining after her red hair and thinking I’d never have the courage to dye mine that colour. Boy was I wrong! The film where she swept me away, however, was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. There isn’t one single instant when she is not breathtakingly beautiful. Sigh.

[originally posted on 10th June 2010]

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