Back to reality

Why, hello there! How have you been?

We left the islands in warm weather and came back to winter. We’ve been home two days but I’m still trying to settle down. These two days have been a flurry of tidying up (does it EVER end?!), putting away clothes, desperately trying to warm up our flat and trying to re-establish some routine in the girls’ days. We’re slowly getting back to normality and it feels good.

Paris was good too. I can’t deny there were less than rosy moments. There were a couple of days when I felt so stressed I burst into tears a few times, but Paris is Paris. Even the crappiest days are rose-tinted in that city.

I need to catch up on my sleep right now but I’ll tell you more about our holiday in the coming days. I’ll also share with you some things I learned during our week away, both about Paris and about travelling to a busy city with two children.

Keep warm!

m&r paris



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