Never a dull moment

Life with Robin is never dull. It was full of happenings from the moment she was conceived and she still keeps us on our toes on a daily basis. 

Two nights ago, before going to bed, she was playing with Maia while I tidied up. Maia lifted her and when she slid her back to the floor, Robin didn’t land well on her feet. I thought nothing of it and took Robin to sleep. When she refused to walk yesterday morning, I took her to the doctor. He couldn’t find any swelling or bruising anywhere. He tugged, pushed, poked and twisted the leg which she cannot step on but didn’t get so much as a whimper from Robin. She is now crawling and has even climbed up a couple of chairs but still refuses to walk. She seems to be in pain when she steps on her right foot, even though it doesn’t hurt her when we put pressure on it.

It’s a mystery.

What’s less of a mystery is the pain I am feeling in my neck and shoulders. I’ve been carrying her all the time. She won’t be left on the floor or on a chair, not even for a second. I’ve no idea how much she weighs now but it’s a lot more than she did a few weeks ago. Thank God for the sling. 

Have your children or those of people you know ever shown the same symptoms? We’re completely baffled and a little worried too. If she still doesn’t walk by Friday, we’ll have to have X-rays taken. I am not very keen on this both because of the harmful rays and also because hairline fractures in children her age (if this is the case) rarely show up on X-rays.

So will you please excuse me while I try to go about my day with a very heavy 18 month old on my hip and her uncooperative sister? I hope to be back with better news tomorrow. 



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  1. uuuuuuuuuuuu miskina.. dejjem b xi wahda gdida..

  2. the same happened to us with zac. he was knocked over by his cousin, i thought nothing of it, the day after he refused to weight bear. we took him to hospital, again they couldn’t really find a tender point, but we did end up having x-rays done, which showed nothing (i feel your concern there), however he still woudln’t weight bear that day and from the next day he was walking, but obviously limping. he was ultimately diagnosed with an irritable hip. incidentally it’s quite a common diagnosis at toddler age. it’s a bugger, his gait took more than 6 weeks to return to normal, but he’s more than fine now! hope robin will be ok. the most probable diagnosis is a sprain! do let us know how she is!!

  3. how is robin? hope she is feeling better! i was at someones house once and they had a little boy, around robins age who slid off his nannas couch and he suddenly couldnt walk. he cried a bit, nothing major though, and had no swelling or tender points. but he couldnt walk. his aunt, who is a doctor, recommended an x-ray that evening just in case, and it turned out the little dude had a greenstick fracture, which needed a couple of weeks in plaster. he was completly fine after that! hope she gets better soon. ugh, i hate it when kids get sick! or hurt themselves! keep us posted!

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