These days

A few doctor and physiotherapist visits later and Robin is still not walking. She has, however, made some progress and can limp for a few seconds if held by both hands.

What exactly happened to her leg is a bit of a mystery. No part of her leg seems to be hurting but she still winces when she tries to shift her weight on it. At this point, fear could have set in and might be holding her back. In any case, we’re waiting it out till later this week and if things don’t progress, she will be seen by an orthopedic surgeon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

So that’s Robin’s medical report done. Now, onto other matters which are filling up my days.

This picture shows what they are all about these days: Maia dancing, Robin copying her even though she can't walk yet.
This picture shows what they are all about these days: Maia dancing, Robin copying her even though she can’t walk yet.

One particular ‘matter’ is Maia. She is spending most of her free time dancing. If it’s not rehearsals for a couple of shows she’ll be taking part in, it’s lessons or dancing around our living room. I love seeing her so motivated and am very grateful towards her teacher for nurturing her love of dance. What all this also means is days when we hardly see her. This past weekend was a case in point.

What scares me is that she’s only seven. What will her schedule look like in five years’ time?! I have often confessed that I encourage her in her hobbies (and have to hold myself from becoming a little too involved in her passion for dance), but there are days when I miss her being at home with her sister and me. Not only that, but something tells me Robin will be following in her sister’s footsteps in a couple of years. The girl might not be able to walk yet, but she hasn’t lost her dancing moves.

In between Maia’s various commitments, we are doing our best to enjoy the run up to Christmas. This year’s advent calendar consists of a brown envelope for each day, containing a treat and an activity to be done together. So far we have watched Christmas films, baked Christmas biscuits, made some Christmas decorations (still unfinished) and have some orange pomanders and wrapping paper to make later on today. If all this sounds idyllic, I apologise for misleading you. The idea behind these activities is to spend some fun time together and get excited about the big day we’ll be celebrating next week but the reality is that most of the time it ends up in tears or arguments. Ah, but that’s another post for another day!

I hope you are enjoying this time of the year with your loved ones and that there are no tears or arguments to taint the magic Christmas brings with it.


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