Rosebud lips

Right now I’m sitting in a theatre, watching Maia rehearse for her show tomorrow. How can I put in words how I feel right now?

I could say I’m proud. I could say I’m tired and ready for a hiatus in day-long rehearsals. I could say I’ve got a splitting headache. And all these statements would be true.

The strongest feeling, however, is one of nostalgia. I look at her and see the baby I gave birth to almost eight years ago. I see her perfect rosebud lips and the big eyes that looked right through me when she was placed in my arms as soon as she was born. I look at her strong legs and remember how afraid I was I’d break them when dressing her the first few times.

I remember thinking I couldn’t possibly love her more than I did that day. Like so many other times, I was wrong.



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