Thank you

Let me start by thanking you all for supporting me. I won’t beat about the bush. Knowing that what I write here is actually read by other people, some of whom I deeply admire, is enough reason to keep this blog going.

But that’s not the only reason why I write here. Some people start a blog because they want to have a new hobby, or because they need something to distract them from the daily hubbub, or because they love reading blogs and think they could give it a shot too. In my case, I started this blog because I couldn’t not do it. I’ve written since I was little; notes, letters, short stories, two ‘novels’ and countless unfinished works. I never felt confident enough to share my writing with anyone except my closest friends. Then I discovered blogs and the husband encouraged me to start sharing my writing here. When I started Island Fairy, I never ever thought anyone would read it. I hoped someone would, but I never in a million years thought that anyone real (i.e. someone I knew or could get to know) would actually read a word of it or even know about it.

I was in for a surprise.

It started with my closest friends. Then people from other countries who stumbled upon it. Then a couple of ‘real’ persons approached me to tell me how much they enjoyed it, which is when I decided to come out. Still, when I write a post, I never think about who might eventually read it. I write because I must. It keeps me (relatively) sane. It makes me happy. It preserves my memories. So when someone I’ve never seen in my life comes up to me to tell me they enjoy reading my rants, I feel like I’ve been caught out doing something illicit. It sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? If I post something publicly, I shouldn’t be surprised that some people end up reading it. What actually surprises me is that anyone would spend five minutes of his day to read about my latest worry or the non-happenings of our weekends.

All this to say thank you again. To each one of you.

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  1. When I started my blog, it was sort of because ‘well everyone else is doing it so why not give it a go?’ lol Here I am however many years later still going and still enjoying it. I can’t say that my posts are ever really that in depth or interesting but I write for me, not others. Like you, it keeps me sane! and also is a great way to keep memories and share life with family and friends abroad and local. I love your blog Maureen and I truly enjoy reading about your every day stories, adventures and mishaps 🙂 Happy 3rd birthday to your blog and keep it up!!

    • Thanks Angela! I like yours too. In your case there’s even more purpose behind the writing. I can’t imagine how many Canadians get excited to see a new post from you! 😀

      • well I have my blog private now- so I no longer get random visits which was always exciting. I’ve decided to keep it only for friends and family for the most part. I just don’t want the drama from certain people and want to keep this only sane part of my life that way 🙂

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