Time management. Or the lack thereof.


I’m just resurfacing after having been sucked in by the vortex of social media.

In case you were wondering why I’ve been so silent recently, it’s because I was reading a particular website all the time, even when I should have been doing other more important stuff (like tackling the mountain of ironing that’s been piling up or doing some physical exercise). It all came to a head yesterday morning, when instead of cleaning the kitchen which I left in a mess the night before, I plonked myself at the table to catch up on more reading before the girls woke up and took over my day. Which is where the husband found me twenty minutes later and suggested (‘suggested’ is a euphemism) I get on with things instead of wasting more of my time on something so useless.

He’s right, of course. I have a huge issue with time management. Lately, I’ve been dawdling and wasting precious time checking Instagram, reading blog posts and drooling over cute baby clothes on the countless websites I’m subscribed to. Instead of doing my work first and then treating myself to a few minutes of mindless browsing while having a cup of tea, I procrastinate. You’d think that at 36 years of age, I’d have learned how to manage the 24 hours I’m given daily. Well, think again. I go from having super productive days to others that pass me by without having anything done and I’m sick of it.

Something needs to be done and I suspect it isn’t going to be easy to break my bad habits, but I owe it to the girls and the husband and most of all to myself. This will be the year I get my life sorted.

Watch this space.



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  1. It reassures me when i read something like this, cause there are days when instead of doing what i have to do i get lost doing other ‘useless’ things, esp on the internet! Like you i have a problem with time management and am trying to get it under control in 2013!

  2. Just what I needed to read! Its good to know that there are others suffering from the effects of procrastination. Unfortunately for me, I seem to be regressing as the years pass, and this comes at a time when I desperately need to manage my time more efficiently. In my younger days I rarely used to waste any time but now, in my final year at uni I’m at my peak of procrastination whilst working on my thesis! Desperate times indeed.

  3. Well said! I can relate. There is so much out there and it is so easy to while away the minutes reading all the glorious blogs and internet candies. Time management is a must and pausing often to process all that inspiration and put it to your own creativity. Best of luck!

  4. Thanks Melissa, Hannah and Tanya for making me feel normal! There are too many distractions in today’s world. It all makes it that bit harder, right? Here’s to a very productive year to all of us!

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