I should be having a nap right now. Robin woke up at 3:45am this morning and, mercifully, went down for a nap almost two hours ago.

Instead of using this time to recharge my batteries, I’m going through my blog reader and removing blogs I haven’t read in a while in a bid to simplify and declutter. I’m also running around our flat putting away stuff that we haven’t used in a while (or ever) and reorganising every nook and cranny. I don’t know what’s up with me lately. If I were pregnant, I’d say I was nesting. But my womb is empty and I have no other excuse for this sudden need to simplify other than a feeling that I’m drowning in ‘stuff’. By ‘stuff’ I don’t only mean the clutter that invariably accumulates when you share a house with children. I also mean all the distractions that I feel have been draining my energy lately.

So I’m cutting down on the number of blogs I try to keep up with (at the last count there were 70!), answering those emails which have been flagged to reply at a later date for weeks and changing my schedule so I only use social media (in order of preference and frequency of use: 1. Instagram, 2. Twitter, 3. Pinterest 4. Vine, 5. Facebook) three times a day. That is, unless I must urgently share something on Instagram! I want to have more time to enjoy life as it happens, play more with Maia and Robin, be on top of housework, get more proofreading and writing jobs, do my daily yoga practice without fail, spend more quality time with the husband and get myself out of the haze that all these distractions have created.

Do you ever feel like the internet has wormed its way into our daily lives and almost taken over every hour of the day or is it just me?

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  1. If it wasn’t for a full time job I think I would have the same issue as you do.

  2. It has Mau. As much as I love the open possibilities and never-ending hours of amusement and opportunity it offers, I sometimes loathe the internet because it robs me of other important things I could be doing in the meantime.

  3. Good job! I need to do the same. To simplify is best practice.

  4. Good for you. I go through similar stages (they do tend to be hormonal). I hope someday to really only have the things I need and maybe a few wants instead of a ton of yesterday’s wants cluttering my life.

    • It’s so hard to let go of things sometimes, isn’t it? I’m getting better at it but have a harder time getting rid of the kids’ stuff.

      • I agree. Even though my boys are men, I still have boxes of their toys & books (I’ll grandkids, right?). And i did save some of their clothes.

        Plus, it you may have more children, it makes sense to hold to those things.

        Thanks for your blog. You always put a smile on my face.

  5. The internet absolutely has! I have tried in the past several months to be much more mindful of how much time I spend online. Not just in front of a computer, but with a device in my hand, too. Sooo hard when it’s so convenient to just swipe open my phone and BAM, so many options to use the ‘net or to “connect” (but not *really*) at my fingertips. I pared down my social media to just IG, pinterest (cause, really haha) and a little facebook. I just got vine, so we’ll see. Anyway, rambling sorry.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Amanda! It really is hard to stay away from social media, for me at least. I don’t spend so much time at the computer anymore (unless there are a lot of emails to answer or I’m writing), but my downfall is the iPad. I’m limiting my use of it to a maximum of three times a day and, although it’s tough, I’m already feeling I’m a lot more ‘present’ with the kids.

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