The pepper of life

These past few days have been less than ideal.

Then again, what would the ideal day look like? Ok, if I had to answer that question myself, I’d say that a day with no snotty noses to wipe, no cough medicines to be taken, no feverish husbands and no need for the plumber to visit your house twice in the space of a few days would be close to perfection.

But this is real life. Real life is peppered with sick days, with broken water heaters and showers and toilets and dishwashers and washing machines and dehumidifiers. And, just like in any successful recipe, that little pepper enhances the flavour of the whole dish. Let’s just say that the dish that is our life has been a tad spicy of late…

I hope the nasty germs that are doing the rounds on the islands (and not just here, it seems) have spared you and your family! A plus tard!

kids' room


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