Dear Robin

Dear Robin,

sweet, funny Robin. You’ve become quite a handful lately. You run everywhere, love wrapping yourself in blankets, run up to me just to hug my leg and plant kisses on my knees and hug your cushion all night long.

You adore Maia and copy everything she does, even the things you are far too small to do. You do your ‘homework’ next to her while she’s doing hers, you have breakfast next to her even if you’ve already had yours an hour earlier, you copy her mannerisms and laugh at everything she says. You have grown very fond of Charlie and Lola lately, just like your sister. You call Lola (“Wowa”) all day long, showing her (your doll) your latest tricks on the trike and carrying her with you wherever you go.

You are a very musical child, just like your sister was at your age. You can already hum some tunes and have a good ear. Unlike your sister, you destroy things. You tear books, scribble on walls, break toys and undress dolls. You’re not one to sit and read books for hours but could sit and play for a good twenty minutes if given a ball.

Your first word to whoever you meet is “hello”. The second is “Wowa”. There the words stop and the clowning around starts. You love to make people laugh. If you have an audience, you’ll do anything for an applause. Your favourite trick is lying down on the floor and sticking your legs up in the air.

You are still very attached to “gaga” (your dummy). We’ve tried to keep it for bedtime only but have had little success so far. You love bath time and getting you out of the tub is always a major feat. You’re the best little eater I’ve ever seen. You’ll eat anything and everything. You sometimes eat too much. I hope you learn to control yourself a little more as you grow older.

Papa’ is your big love. Your face lights up at the mention of his name. Whenever you’re offered a snack, you always ask for another one for your dad. I suspect you’ve inherited a lot more than a resemblance from him. You’re two peas in a pod and I couldn’t be happier about it.

We are very lucky to be your family and I hope you’ll always consider yourself lucky to have been sent to us, too.

I love you to the moon and back, Robin girl.


snack drawerrobin & lolarobin wrapped uprob drawing




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  1. Beautiful …. Thank you for sharing that

  2. That’s so beautiful! Little Robin, you’re one lucky girl xx

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