Maia turns eight

I realise I’m almost three weeks late on this post, but I wanted us to remember how we celebrated our little lady turning eight and celebrating her lucky birthday.

That morning we woke up to an overcast sky, but couldn’t care less because we were in paradise as far as we were concerned. We had breakfast and sang Happy Birthday to Maia, at which point our hostess knocked on the door and gave the birthday girl a chocolate cake she had baked especially for her. We were surprised and moved by her thoughtfulness. Here was a lady whom we had met the day before, baking a cake for our daughter. Not only that, but she gave us a whole list of things we might want to do to celebrate her day. The first thing she suggested was a horse-drawn sleigh ride. We surprised Maia by driving to the stables where the sleigh was waiting for us. I swear, my face almost ached from all the smiling. She was thrilled, as were the rest of us. After the hour-long ride, during which Maia was taught how to ride a sleigh, we had the best lunch of the whole holiday at the stables. We were also taken to see the horses they keep there, the youngest of which was Valentina, born on the 14th of February.

We then drove to Madonna di Campiglio, where we stopped to sled down a hill until we couldn’t carry Robin up the hill any longer. By now, it was late afternoon. Maia had been begging to go bowling since the night before and we kept telling her we could always go bowling back on the islands instead of spending time cooped up while on holiday. We told her that but were secretly scheming how to surprise her with an evening at the local bowling place. So we went back home to cut the cake and urged her to make a wish before blowing the candles out. She’s not very good at keeping secrets from us (yet), so she quickly blurted out that her wish was to go bowling. We told her that we’d think about it but that we needed to rush to the bakery to get fresh bread before they closed and then, maybe, we’d bowl the following day. To say she was disappointed is an understatement.

So we drove to the bowling arena, all the while commenting about how late we were and that we hoped the bakery was still open. As I got out of the car, I asked her to come with me to help me carry the bread and she reluctantly agreed. I really don’t know how she missed the enormous flashing bowling pin on top of the building! We ran in and a few seconds later the penny dropped. Seeing her face light up when she saw the aisles was one of the best moments of the holiday. So we bowled away until it was time to go home and put Robin to bed. We ended the day cuddling on the sofa, telling her how much we loved her.


The weekend after we came back home, my talented sister made her a cake featuring Sizzles from Charlie and Lola. This was the third consecutive year she asked for a Charlie and Lola character on her cake and, honestly, I didn’t mind it one bit.

Maia’s past birthdays: fifth birthday, sixth birthday, seventh birthday

sleigh ride


strudel cake

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  1. Happy birthday Maia! What a lovely day you had. And the cake is beautiful!!

  2. I can’t believe Maia is 8!! She is growing up beautifully. And that is an awesome cake. I love Sizzles.

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