This weekend

This weekend was made of highs and lows. It started on Friday, when Maia and I missed the church service because I had a sore throat and couldn’t sing and instead met up with our friends for a very long walk. It was almost too much for my poor unfit body, but we all needed the fresh air and exercise. Saturday was not my day. I ran last minute errands in the crowded main town (half the larger island temporarily migrates to this one over Easter weekend), which gave me a strong headache. We had to miss a friend’s housewarming party as I spent the whole afternoon trying to get rid of it while keeping the girls out of each other’s hair. They were desperate to go out but I was in no condition to do so, so I decided to let them make a mess, like I do when I need to get things done and they won’t let me. I buy washable and window markers for a reason. The mess they make would give my mother a fit, but it’s nothing a couple of buckets of water and a bath won’t clean.

That is, if you have water. Because the afternoon got progressively worse when we realised we had no running water. So I had to wash the kids with wipes and the windows are still full of drawings and scribbles. Not what I needed.

Then Easter Sunday came, bringing with it the change to summer time. One of the few things I like about summer is waking up when it’s still dark outside. I like feeling like I’ve got a headstart over the day. I also love watching the lights in the distance. Yesterday I didn’t have much time to enjoy the lights, however. After a quick breakfast, it was time to get the troops ready for the day and head to the larger island for our niece’s baptism. She was baptised by immersion and, while heart-wrenching, it was a lovely ceremony. It helps that our niece is one of the sweetest babies I ever met. The rest of the day went by in a blur. The husband had a photographic assignment, Maia went to her best friend and Robin had her long-overdue nap while I tried to clean up with the limited amount of water we had (I never realised how much water we use everyday before this weekend!). Then it was time to descend upon my parents’ house where we met my sister’s family for an impromptu get together.

All’s well that ends well.

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summer time

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