Embrace the camera 4th April 2013

I’ve been a little lazy with my camera lately (read: I’ve almost never used the camera since I started using Instagram a year ago). Most of all, I’ve been lazy about getting in the picture with the girls.

I used to Embrace the Camera every week with Emily, but I very conveniently ‘forget’ to do it these days. I know that it’s more a matter of not feeling put together enough to feature in a picture, which should never be a deterrent when documenting our lives for posterity. How I look everyday, with messy hair, no makeup and frumpy clothes, is how my children will want to remember me. This is how I look to them everyday, after all.

So today I’m sharing (a day late) a picture I took of their dad a few days ago. He’s a photographer and rarely gets in front of the camera, so I feel responsible for making sure there are pictures of him too. This photo might make it to the kids’ mantlepiece one day…

embrace 040413



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  1. haha love it! and I see what you mean about not picking up the camera. I am actually thinking of selling one of my lenses as I am thinking of eventually changing my Nikon to a Canon.

  2. LOL what a cute picture!!

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