This weekend (two days late)

This weekend went by in a blur.

I was floored by a mild chest infection which I had been ignoring the signs of for a couple of weeks. Well, it finally caught up with me and I was bedridden most of Saturday and spent Sunday quarantined at home. I didn’t take any photos so I’m nicking a few from the husband (who’s finally really getting into Instagram by the way *cue evil cackle*).

There is something about these photos that makes my heart swell. It’s not just the two girls in them but also the moments captured. These were taken Sunday morning, while we all just sat on our bed (and on the window sill) enjoying each other’s company. These are the moments that make life worth living. Nothing extraordinary or fancy. Just a bunch of people who love each other and are lucky enough to share these moments.

rob & ballerina

2 in a window

m&r window drawing

prof maia

prof rob



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  1. please kiss those sweet cheeks for me. your babies are absolutely delicious! 🙂

    hope you’re feeling better, dear friend.

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