This might be the drugs speaking…

There aren’t enough words in my vocabulary or enough minutes in this day to explain to you the multitude of emotions I feel right now.

You might say I’m in a soppy mood but that would be simplifying and belittling what’s stirring my soul. It’s a combination of the ongoing learning curve in raising a child who is at a very delicate age, the project I am currently proofreading and the antihistamines which have me fighting with my eyelids to remain open. I’m not rich, have been wearing the same clothes for years, hate the sofas in our living room and long to do more professionally, but I’m here. I’m alive, I’m healthy (I choose to ignore my sinusitis), I’m loved.

I’m also late for Maia’s pick-up from school, so I’ve got to rush. I hope you feel blessed too.

slow morning



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  1. We are all so incredibly lucky. Somedays we forget, but a look at our girls is all we need to remember it. 🙂

  2. Children are magic, aren’t they? Since having Abby, there has not been one single day that she hasn’t made me smile. Not one. No matter how bad a day I am having (and I have had a few of the hardest days of my life), at some point I will smile and feel like the luckiest person on earth because of something she said or because she gave me a hug or just because she is there. It’s pretty amazing, really.

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