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Blogging is funny. There are weeks, months even, when I can’t get by without writing here. It unloads the negative, reminds me of the positive, helps me connect to like-minded people who inspire me to lead a better life and just makes me happy.

Then there are days (or weeks, like recently) when I forget to blog. I still write, but I do it on paper, the same way I used to before computers and the internet invaded our lives. Because, sometimes, that’s how I feel: invaded. I have friends who don’t own a Facebook account and who don’t even know what a blog is. They live exclusively in the real world, ignoring the existence of the virtual one I spend so much time roaming. I admire them but couldn’t do it myself. The friends (and I don’t hesitate to call most of them friends) I have made through writing online have become part of my support system. They offer me advice, share their stories, have words of encouragement and make me cry with laughter. I might have never met them in person, but I wouldn’t think twice before catching a plane to visit some of them. So, this blog and Instagram, in particular, are outlets I won’t give up any time soon. 

Having said that, the involuntary hiatus I seem to have embarked on recently has been incredibly refreshing. I refused to allow myself to feel guilty for not updating this space and enjoyed living offline for a while. I read two books in a week (which hadn’t happened since before I became a parent), watched all Mad Men episodes, spent more time playing with my daughters and dedicated more time to work (of the paid variety).

Now I’ve got over 300 posts to catch up with (I might just delete most of them and only read those written by real-life friends) and pages upon pages of blog posts which I might copy here. Or maybe I will just start reading another book (any suggestions?).

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  1. I agree with you totally. And I also don’t feel guilty about not updating my blog regularly either. I believe in life happening outside of the internet and not having to ‘report’ on every little detail 🙂

  2. 🙂 The Art Forger by B. Shapiro

    This is suppose to be for you and work according to your schedule.


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